1st Class

There was great excitement in all the First classes on Monday and Tuesday. The

children went on the bus to Aura Pool for their first swimming lessons from school.For

some children, there was even greater  excitement as they had never been to the pool

before. All the children came out smiling and are counting the days to their next



Class News

Beautiful Black Cats. First Class Room 23 (Ms Brogan)

22nd October 2019

We created some beautiful black cats in our craft lesson......we used only one sheet of paper and some clever scissors work! Our cats then sparked some brilliant stories....who owns the cat...what is...

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Halloween Art...First Class Room 23

21st October 2019

We created beautiful pictures using various shades and tones of yellow,orange and red. We added silhouettes of cats /bats and houses to give them a seasonal feel. We love that they are all so...

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Spider Fun. First Class Room 23.Ms. Brogan

18th October 2019

We had great fun creating spiders and learning some interesting facts about these amazing creatures. Did you know that a spider is NOT an insect? Or that most spiders have 8 eyes? A spider has forty...

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First Class poets....Room 23

29th September 2019

We were discussing signs of Autumn but earlier in the week we had also learned a poem about a dog.....'Charlotte's Dog, by Kit Wright. That poem is about a spaniel called Daniel. We decided to try...

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Chrysanthemum!! First Class Room 23. Ms. Brogan.

26th September 2019

We read a story about a little mouse called 'Chrysanthemum'.. She loved her name until some of her classmates started teasing her. This made her very unhappy. The story has a happy ending though as...

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Sentence Buddy....First Class Rm 23 Ms. Brogan.

26th September 2019

We are learning about the important things we need when writing good sentences. We need a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark at the end. We...

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Autumn colours

26th September 2019

We talked about Autumn and the colours of the leaves. We discussed 'warm' and 'cold' colours and created a beautiful picture using these....

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First Class Stationery List

10th July 2019

First Class Stationery List 2019-2020 4 x A11 88pg copies 1  x 15A Project Copy 1 X Nature Copy 2 x B2 Headline Copies 1 x 40pg Junior Sum copy 1 x 20 Pocket Display Folder- A4 2 x A4 Mesh /Zip...

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Camogie and Hurling Finalists

14th June 2019

A huge congratulations to the Camogie and Hurling teams in St.Pauls who have made it to the final. The boys and girls have been training hard all year and have earned their way into the final. ...

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Pound Classes

15th May 2019

As part of Active Week we got to try out a new type of exercise called Pound. We did a full body workout using drumsticks while moving to the rhythm of the music....

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